We’re a casual club and have some rules everyone is expected to follow:

First and foremost:When added to any of our groups, please introduce yourself. This helps us get to know one another and builds the community.

We’re present on a few different platforms and the rules apply across the board.

0. Zero tolerance for any content that violates UAE law.

1. Please be respectful to one another.

2. No selling of backlinks or guest posts. No promoting other groups without prior approval.

3. Keep it on topic – it’s meant to be about SEO!

4. If you’re not from Dubai/UAE, please find a group in your own city/country for more relevant content as the primary focus of Dubai SEO Club is to arrange meetups in Dubai/UAE for SEO professionals.

5. Share what you know with others so we can all learn and grow and become even more fantastic at SEO!

Need help with an SEO problem?

Try to be as specific as you can and provide as much context as possible. We can only help when we have the right information. Please avoid generic questions like “why is my traffic down” or “why is my site not ranking” – give us context!

This is the format to use when asking for help – if you don’t follow it, your message will be deleted. 

– Website:
– Issue you’re facing:
– Why it’s an issue and what your goal is:
– Action taken so far:

Please don’t harass the group for help by repeatedly following up. The group will respond if/when they can and if/when they have answers. If you pester the group, you will be removed.

Jobs and Collabs

1. If you’re looking for a job or looking to hire, please ask in the group and share your details. Try and be as specific as you can about what you’re after so the group can help you better. It’s about matching results with query intent! 

Don’t just send your CV and say “I want a job” – this isn’t helpful!

2. If you’re looking for people to collab with on gigs and projects, ask in the group. Please provide as much info as possible. Let’s share the knowledge and help each other out. 

And lastly: try and have fun while you’re at it! 🥳